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The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself – Help The World

People in the caring professions give of their time, energy and skills at an unprecedented level—it is demanding work, often without reward. The cost can be fatigue, discouragement, even burn out. Speaker, author and humourist Robert Hawke shares an essential message with practical skills for people in the caring professions.

With humour, energy and insights both from science and personal experience, Rob reveals essential skills for enjoying ongoing wellness while managing work demands.

“We got incredibly positive feedback from our staff. We found The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself Help The World to be incredibly useful.”
CMHA Waterloo, Wellington Dufferin
“Entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. Bravo!”
Robert Fletcher,
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Key Learning Points

The cost of ignoring your own wellness

Developing your personalized Wellness Strategy to help you feel better now

How the power of laughter can positively change your body chemistry in an instant

Coping strategies to help re-experience our positive and resourceful states

Using happiness as a tool to not only feel good, but help you increase productivity, creativity and skill levels

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