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Keynote Program

Rob Hawke offers a variety of speaking programs that are tailored to suit the unique needs of your audience. 

Feel Good First: Building Resilience In Ridiculous Times

Your organization needs resilience now more than ever.

Stress Levels for your team are at an all-time high. The global pandemic has brought many of your best people to their breaking point.

Feel Good First Building Resilience In Ridiculous Times will teach your team how to use humour to reduce their level of stress, improve their mental health, and increase their resilience. Robert Hawke will help your team strengthen their resources and give them immediately usable tips and tools to help them now.

Why Rob?

After Rob had surgery for cancer, he was depressed, angry, and his survival was threatened. He had to learn resilience techniques that would help him FAST. After his recovery, he helped cancer patients and their families learn the tools to Feel Good First and build resilience. He then taught nurses, physicians, pharmacists, surveyors, financial planners and other professional groups the same useful techniques.


Feel Good First is designed for a virtual conference or zoom meeting. As a Second City comedian, Rob has entertained audiences across North America and internationally. Now, he takes all of his stage and broadcast experience, to create a hilarious, engaging and useful virtual presentation that will help your team immediately.

“Your story is inspiring and your courage remarkable. I’m a fan for life!”
Steve Rooney, Sun Life Financial
“Robert Hawke delivered a fantastic Zoom keynote for Excellence Canada. Highly Recommended!”
Dr. Adam Stoehr PHD, MBA-Excellence Canada

Key Learning Points

How “Feeling Good First” makes us better at everything

Why Laughter is your Secret Weapon

How to use the Just One Day Technique

Using Purpose and Gratitude to boost your mood and productivity

How to reduce stress NOW

Let Rob help your team ‘feel good first’ 

Rob has inspired audiences for The Ontario Hospital Association, University Health Network, PharmacyU, Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association as well as Sun Life Financial to name a few.

Robert Hawke will help your team learn valuable stress reducing, resilience building and gut busting strategies all while they’re having a great time.

Find out how Feel Good First Building Resilience In Ridiculous Times can help your group today!